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Sim Visser (1947) was educated as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts ‘Akademie Minerva’ in Groningen. He studied there from 1977 to 1982 with Ben van Voorn, Folkert Haanstra, Jan van Loon and Matthijs Röling as inspiring teachers. Sim Visser worked as an artist in Groningen, Roermond and in Bussum, his current residence. He has exhibited at various locations in the Netherlands, from Maastricht to Groningen. Sim Visser works in an impressionist style. His technical repertoire includes various drawing techniques, watercolour, oil and pastel. For the latter technique, he went with Sam Drukker and Flip Gaasendam to the Amsterdam painter Hans Bayens. The poet Jan Kooistra wrote about the work of Sim Visser: Overlooking the work of Sim Visser one is touched by the beautiful and quiet colours, lots of blue and the calm atmosphere of something that embodies large forces P1010646-b1-300x199-1



Painting was a relatively late vocation of Visser. Previously he completed a study in agricultural engineering at Wageningen University. In his career Visser moved between free art and paid employment with landscape as the unifying factor. This is reflected in numerous articles and essays on art and landscape like the essay “landscape: link between past and future” in the book “Landscape in Plural” from 2000.In other areas of art, unlike painting, Sim Visser has been active as well. In 1991 he published a collection of poems “Signs of Life”, along with the poet Harm Schepers. In 1997 he completed a temporal land art project in the Eilandspolder (North Holland) entitled “Messages to a floating landscape”. This project was discussed in the book “From landscape ecology to landscape science” from 2000.In 2006 he created an installation in Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn, in which he proposed three central questions of Gauguin. Recently he wrote texts for books about the artists Sam Drukker and Ben van Voorn. P1010619-b1-213x300


In 1990 he was registered as a landscape architect. From 1999 to 2006 he was director of Kasteel Groeneveld, National Center for forest, nature and landscape in Baarn. In this role, he realized numerous projects in which nature, landscape and art come together.From 2007 to 2010 he was head of landscape at the National Cultural Heritage Agency. Also in this function his knowledge of art and landscape served him well during lectures, workshops, etc.Since 2011, after having finished his last job with the National Cultural Heritage, Sim Visser has again been dedicating a large part of his time to painting. He has a studio in Bussum and in France. P1010628-b1-259x300


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