Applications of my own work

I have made many illustrations. I started by illustrating the local newspaper ‘Binnenstad Oost’ (downtown east) in Groningen. Later I illustrated various reports, which I wrote for my work. Examples are the reports on regional landscape design from the period that I worked as a landscape architect for the Forestry Commission in the province of Limburg. Another example is the study ‘Landschappelijke Aspecten van grote Windturbines’ (landscape aspects of large wind turbines). Besides this I had commissions for illustrations and cover designs. When the Department of Forest  and Landscape of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries was discontinued, I not only wrote one of the chapters in the book, published for the occasion, but also provided the illustrations. An example of a design for a cover  and poster as well was used for the annual report of the Rural Planning Service in 1991. Of this design a poster was made as well.

A particular example of the application of my own work is the design for a panel for the visitor of the Forestry Commission in the ‘Groote Peel’. In this design the relationship between the  geological structure of nature reserve and the resulting landscape are shown.

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